Instrument Meteorlogical Condition (IMC) Rating

This course extends the privileges of the PPL to those of an IMC holder by revising the basic instrument flying techniques learned during the PPL training and introducing more advanced instrument flying skills. Also it allows pilots to use their instruments to make an approach in weather that has deteriorated below their Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Minima.

Fly Wales Instrument Meteorlogical Condition (IMC) Course Structure:

Flight Training

15 hours of flight training which will consist of learning:

  • Instrument attitude flying
  • Basic instrument flying manoeuvers
  • Intermediate instrument flying manoeuvers
  • Limited panel instrument flying
  • Flight Planning
  • Departure and en-route techniques
  • Approach and let down techniques
  • Bad weather circuits

You will have to complete an Instrument Meteorlogical Condition (IMC) ground examination and flight test.

Approximate course cost is £3008*

Price includes:

  • 15 Hours Flight Training
  • Flight test fee
  • Ground Exam fee

*price subject to change without notice.

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