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This is a relatively short 5 hour course which includes circuits, local flying as well as cross country night flight.

Fly Wales Night Rating Course Structure:

Flight Training

  • 3 Hours Dual Instruction in circuit operations.
  • 1 Hour Dual Navigation
  • 1 Hour Solo Circuit operation which must include 5 full stop take-off and landings

Haverfordwest airfield has the following night flying facilities:

  • NDB/DME equipment
  • Runway 03/21 lighting
  • Abbreviated Precision Approach Path Indicator Lights
  • Green Flashing airfield beacon
  • Extended opening hours for participating students and pilots at no extra cost.

Approximate Cost of a night rating:

  • In our C150 is £725*
  • In our Cessna 172 is £850*

Price Includes:

  • 5 hours flight training in our Cessna 150/Cessna 172
  • Full instruction
  • Landing fees free at base (Haverfordwest)
  • Touch and go fees free at base (Haverfordwest)

*Price Subject to change without notice.

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