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Fly Wales operates this course for those who regularly fly as passengers in a light aircraft. The safety pilot course is designed to give you the opportunity to learn how to fly the aircraft safely and in extreme cases where the pilot becomes ill, to be able to the controls of the aircraft, navigate and land safely.

This course consists of 10 hours flying; there are no ground exams or flight test to complete.

What will you cover on your flight training?

General Handling

This will build up your handling of the aircraft and your flying skills this will consist of aircraft familiarization, straight and level, climbing and descending, turning, slow flight and stalling.


A circuit is a procedure essential for aircraft when landing, joining and departing from the airfield. In this part of your training you will learn how to take off, land and fly a circuit of the airport.

Advanced Handling

This will cover steep turns, emergency drills and instrument flying.


Here you will learn how to navigate to the airport using map, compass and GPS.

Course Cost?

  • Cessna 150 £1550
  • Cessna 172 £1750

*prices are subject to change without notice

Why choose us?

  • Pay as you fly, so no upfront costs involved
  • Open 7 days a week
  • Excellent aircraft availability
  • All landing and touch and go fees included at Haverfordwest

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Fly Wales offers you complete flexibility and control over your schedule. You control when and where you would like to fly. You will find that our unrivalled pricing offers outstanding value for money.